The Music Player Remote Queues are special Queues that allow access to the Music Player application to control playback.  This is convenient  for accessing music that is only available through iTunes Match.  The Music player can also be activated to access additional features not currently supported remotely.

Remote Player Editor

Selecting Albums, Playlist or songs that are not currently on the device and playing them through the Music Player Remote will download the tracks and play them.

Podcast Remote Queue

Podcast are automatically added to the Podcast Remote Queue and listed in the order added .  The Podcasts may be reordered to match your needs.

Simply tap on the Podcast you wish to play and press the select button to queue up the Podcasts to the Music Player. 

Once the Podcast has been played it may be automatically deleted in accordance to the settings for the Podcast in iTunes.  This mechanism may not be fully accessible if using Apple's Podcast app.