Create, Communicate, Captivate

PearlzQuotes is a fun and engaging App for iPhone and iPad that allows the display and creation of Pearls of Wisdom, Encouraging Thoughts and Inspirational Messages.  

We all have them. Quotes that inspire us, challenge us, or even motivate us. Even some that just make us laugh. 

Key Features

Pearl of the Day
Each day, PearlzQuotes delivers you an inspiring and empowering message known as the Pearl of the Day.  Our hope is that it becomes an anticipated and timely source of encouragement for you daily. 

Design your Pearl
PearlzQuotes is a way to bring them to life in a creative and captivating way that can then be communicated to our friends and family by sharing them over your social networks, email and even text message.   Making your own pearls is fun and easy by combining those special quotes with a stimulating canvas of a creative colorful background or an elegant photo.  

PearlzQuotes was designed to transform those meaningful messages into beautiful works of art and inspiration.  Additional personal touches include selecting custom font styles and colors. 

Share the Inspiration
Whether it’s a Pearl of the Day or a Pearl you have personally created, you’ll definitely want to share it with friends and family to bring a little enjoyment to their day. Here are some of the social networks and app features that you can use to share your Pearl.
    •    Facebook
    •    Twitter
    •    Pinterest
    •    Instagram
    •    Snapchat
    •    Message
    •    Mail
However you choose to share, Pearls will deliver a positive influence over social networks to your friends and family. 

Create, Communicate, Captivate . . . PearlzQuotes